28/6/2014: Extension of the TTA tourist line to Lamorménil

Dear all,

By June 28th, the TTA tourist line held its annual general meeting. A bus tour was arranged in order to visit the tramway line extension works to Lamorménil.

The SNCV meter gauge line between Melreux and Manhay is disused since 1959. Since 1966, tourist trams are run between  Erezée, Forge et Dochamps. One of the oldest tourist line of Europe !!!!

The section Forge-Dochamps was closed 6 years ago, due to track issues. The section Dochamps-Lamorménil was abandoned since 1959. Thanks of an Walloon/EEC subsidy (843.000 Euros   !!), the principle of a total reconstruction of Forge-Dochamps-Lamorménil was gained 6 years ago.

The section Dochamps-Lamorménil is spectacular, with large panoramic towards the top of Lamorménil.

This re-construction is 6 kilometres long, and should be ready by end September 2014. Public service will be launched in 2015.

The subsidy project description was written by TRAMANIA, to the benefit of TTA. This project was successfully pushed by the previous TTA President,  Jean-Géry Godeaux. The project implementation has been managed by the new TTA Board, led by Claude Fiévez.

Clic for pictures of the works

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