6/10/2017: Exhibition – Belgium trams in Russia

From October 6th until November 2017.
At the Wallonia Transports Museum ( Liège ). (Link on the right column)

Expo: les tramways belges en Russie à Liège

From the end of the 19th century until WW1, hundreds of tramway networks and light railways were built or financed abroad by Belgians.

This year will mark the centenary of the Russian revolution of 1917. It is the opportunity to draw the history of Belgians who installed or took over not less than 36 tramway networks in 34 cities of the Russian Empire.

During this industrial journey, Russia has a special place, as until 1914, half of the Russian tramways networks were in Belgian hands.

WW1 put an halt to this golden age in Russia,  as the 1917 revolution resulted in the confiscation of 24 amongst 29 networks still in Belgian hands at the time.

The exhibition will sketch this industrial, financial and human adventure. The turmoil of Belgian managers taken by this storm and the pathetic calls from their Russian colleagues will be highlighted..












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