Sales of kits: SNCV trailers scale G/IIm – 45mm (1/22.5)

Subscription CLOSED – Models in production – Delivery expected in January

Trailer A.806 with opional screw couplings

These models are very detailed, made in wood, steel and brass.
Based on original SNCV drawings, five different trailers are proposed:

– A.806  trailer 2d class 6 equal arched windows,
– A.1332  trailer 2d class 3 groups of 2 windowss
– A.871  trailer 2d class 6 equal rectangular windows,
– A.11514  trailer 1rst and 2d class 6 unequal arched windows,
– A.2309  Luggage van (original aspect – no platform windows)
– B.328 of the CBR (preserved at MTVS) (will be produced for a a total of 5 orders only)

Options: working screw couplings, waterdecals with your choice of car number, lantern in brass


Two prototypes are already assembled, see a
A.806 2d class 6 equal arched windows  and a A.2309 Luggage van (original aspect – no platform windows)

Kit assembly: nothing to solder, nothing tu cut. A file, plyers, glue, pencils and paints are sufficient.
The pre-cut metal pieces are assembled by plying, rivets or bolts. The pre-cut wood pieces are glued.
An assembly notice will be published on this site.














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