Kits: SNCV trailers scale G/IIm – 45mm

NEWS for 2018 : motor cars from SNCV, Bruxelles-Ixelles-Boendael, North, overhead masts and SNCV trailers.

These kits are made in laser cut wood, laser cut steel and cast brass. Based on original SNCV drawings.

Liège Musée Wallon des Transports. Motrice SNCV 19

Sales of  TRAMANIA kits – G/IIm scale –  45mm gauge

Soubscription for motor cars and trailers, ending by July 15th, delivery by end 2018,  clic here for details and how to order

1) Four types of motor cars:
– SNCV 1894 first batches,
9001-24 (Espinette),  9025-30 and 9048-51 (Observatoire),  9031-47 and 9119-9122 (Centre I),  9086-9113 (Liège)
– Bruxelles-Ixelles-Boendael 
– BIB battery cars 271-272 (without trolley)
– North
1-14 or SNCV 9169-9182 (Phare – original teck version)

Swiss MAXON motor with 9 commutators, gears + trolley in brass, adapted metal trucks.
Free choice of car numbers: A.XX, M.XX ou A.9XXX

350,00 EUR each + delivery cost
325,00 EUR each  without trolley+ delivery cost
Clic here for pictures of the models prototypes

2) In preparation (ready by end April) SNCV overhead masts, typical mast top, Ohio brass clamp.  Ohio brass clamps   Mast top (prototype)

3) Five types of SNCV trailers. 220,00 EUR each + delivery cost.
Free choice of car numbers:
As exemple, assembly instructions and pictures of the first production batch   SNCV trailer A.806     SNCV luggage van A.2309

SNCV trailer 1rst and 2nd class

Remorque 6 baies vapeur à échelle LGB (option attelage à vis)












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