1)  Tramania presentation (flipbook with pictures, in French)

2) 2011 : Collaboration with the Transport Museum of Liège – a fully fledged workshop for TRAMANIA:
A few words from the Museum Director (in French)
A few words from TRAMANIA about the new workshop (in French)

3) 2006-?: The restoration of the SNCV trailer A.1584, to the benefit of TTA:
Images of this restoration.
Funding of this restoration.

4) 1993-2005: Subsidies and lobbying for the Vicinal Tramway Discovery Centre at Thuin:
The tram workshop at Thuin: the first success for TRAMANIA
The Vicinal Tramway Discovery Centre at Thuin: apotheosis

TRAMANIA financial contribution: more than 203.000 Euros ! See list (in French).

Inventory of the items displayed (in French).

5) Various:
Exhibition organised by TRAMANIA at Treignes (Mach 2007 – December 2009)
Steam trip organised by TRAMANIA with HL 808, by the 29th September 2007











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