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16/3/2021 TRAMANIA magazine nr 70 is shipped

TRAMANIA asbl - sponsoring, tramway preservation

All pages are printed in colour and the magazine binded.

Every year, TRAMANIA magazine illustrates:
– the achievements of TRAMANIA;
– the history of Belgium tramways home and abroad: rolling stock, networks, builders, biographies;
– papers about transport tickets, tram postcards, annual reports of the SNCV;
– various papers about narrow gauge railways: Darjeeling, Syria, Egypt;

Help us by subscribing to our magazine – 1 year or 4 copies per year: 20.00 EUR (Belgium) 28.00 EUR (Abroad p&p included)

Bank payment :
IBAN Account : BE41 0001 3319 1710
TRAMANIA asbl, Venelle au Palio 49, B-1150 Bruxelles, Belgium

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16/3/2021: SNCV trailer A.1584, progress of its restoration

Dear all,

The SNCV trailer A.1584 is now nearly completely restored.

Click here for a slide show of the restoration

The compartments and seats are completely varnished.
Fleet numbers “A.1584”, standing capacity “16 places” and weight “TARE: 5940 KG” are painted.
The vicinal coats of arms are placed.

The last shining brass accessories will be placed in the coming weeks.

The old lady is soon ready for the visitors.















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Exhibition – Egypt “Made in Belgium”

Cairo: the tram to the Pyramids

Cairo: the tram to the Pyramids

The Royal Museum of Mariemont has organized an exhibition called:
“Made in Belgium. Belgium industrials in Egypt (1830 – 1952)”.

It was opened from September 5th until end October.

Bois-du-Luc, exhibition place

Mariemont, organiser

TRAMANIA has realized the Belgium tramway section.  Numerous documents were presented by Tramania: pictures, tickets, trilingual enamel plates Arabic/French/English, scale models, a diorama of Cairo (…).

TV video about the exhibition

Historical background








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Book “Belgium trams in Egypt”

Book trams Egypt tramways Cairo Alexandria Heliopolis Fayum

Les tramways belges en Egypte (1894-1960) par R. Dussart-Desart (in French)

This book describes the detailed history of the tramways of Cairo, Heliopolis, Alexandria, Port Saïd and of the light railways in the Lower Egypt and Fayoum areas.

All those networks were financed or equipped by Belgians in the 1864-1960 period, the last of them being nationalized in 1960.

Several pages also illustrate the networks of Cairo, Heliopolis and Alexandria in the sixties, the seventies and in 1980 and in 1992. Two pages are devoted to Belgian tramways preserved today in Cairo and Heliopolis. The book analyses the various joint ventures between those undertakings (ranging from rolling stock overhaul to exchange of “spies”) and the history of their subsidiary companies active in the fields of the generation of electricity and of the production of rolling stock.

Pictures and details of the book

Historical elements (in French)

This study is based on an in-depth survey of the archives of the operators, several trips on-site and thirty years of exchanges with witnesses of the development of those networks. Beyond an historical approach describing the harsh realities of another era, the author tries to add a touch of humor and of humanity. The life of the people who built and operated those tramways, whether Egyptians or expatriates, is dealt with too.

172 pages A4 on glossy paper 115 g/m², hardcover, 296 illustrations including 231 photos, postcards and artefacts, 33 tickets, 16 network maps, 7 paintings by P. Meeuwig, 6 shares, 3 technical drawings.

Edited by Tramania asbl.

Price : 39 EUR (incl. shipment to Belgium). If shipped to Europe : 48 EUR

Out of the press by September 5th, for the opening of the exhibition « Made in Belgium » at the Ecomusée de Bois-du-Luc (Belgium). From September 5th until December 4th.

Click here for practical details about this exhibition








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Three new books – June 2020

These books are published only in French


Chez Rail Memories (sortie annoncée fin juin) :

Bruxelles – Ninove – Halle – Leerbeek
(24 EUR + 5 EUR de port en Belgique)
80 pages – papier 130 gr
Format A4 – plans et photos
Couverture souple 300 gr







Warnant – Bioul – Lesve
(15 EUR + 3 EUR de port en Belgique)
Réédition revisitée (présentation et quelques photos) de la publication de 1999
48 pages – papier 130 gr
Format A4
Couverture souple 300 gr

Les deux livres ensemble : 39 EUR + 5 EUR de port en Belgique




Chez Photorail collection :

Balade en tram vicinal à Thuin par Didier Lemaire (24 EUR port inclus)

100 pages en format paysage principalement de l’exploitation touristique (y compris la HL 808 sur la ligne de Thuillies en 1990, les circulations nocturnes, etc)
100 photos pour la plupart en couleurs dont 88 en peine page
Format A4






Les 100 photos sont accompagnées d’une carte géographique indiquant les principaux lieux de prises de vues, de brèves présentations de la SNCV, de l’ASVi et du musée, des lignes 109 de la SNCB et 92 de la SNCV, de 4 extraits d’horaires Anderlues – Lobbes (-Thuin) et des principales caractéristiques des trams illustrés dans cet album.






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23/3/2020: International tram agenda

International tram agenda




















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4/5/2019 Model kits – update assembly instructions

The models are presently being delivered.

These kits are made in laser cut wood, laser cut steel and cast brass. Based on original SNCV drawings.


Ostende. North motorcar

Ostende. North motorcar

Assembly instructions for motor cars and trailers*******

TRAMANIA kits – G/IIm scale –  45mm gauge

1) Four types of motor cars:
– SNCV 1894 first batches,
9001-24 (Espinette),  9025-30 and 9048-51 (Observatoire),  9031-47 and 9119-9122 (Centre I),  9086-9113 (Liège)
– Bruxelles-Ixelles-Boendael 200-272
– BIB battery cars 271-272 (without trolley)
– North 1-14 or SNCV 9169-9182 (Phare – original teck version)

Swiss MAXON motor with 9 commutators, gears + trolley in brass, adapted metal trucks.
Free choice of car numbers: A.XX, M.XX ou A.9XXX

Click here for pictures of the models prototypes

2) SNCV overhead masts, typical mast top, Ohio brass clamp.
Typical SNCV overhead masts   Ohio brass hangers    Mast top (prototype)

Note: compatible with LGB 56201 wire and items 56202, 56203 et 56204

3) Five types of SNCV trailers.
– SNCV 2nd class with 6 equal arched windows,
– SNCV 2nd class with 6 arched windows, in three groups of 2
– SNCV 2nd class with 6 equal rectangular windows,
– SNCV 1rst and 2nd class with 6 unequal arched windows,
– SNCV luggage van (with or without platform window)

Free choice of car numbers:
SNCV trailers A.806 and A.11514     SNCV luggage van A.2309


Assembly instructions for motor cars and trailers*******


SNCV trailer 1rst and 2nd class

Remorque 6 baies vapeur à échelle LGB (option attelage à vis)











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Three new books 2019


Brussels trams in the 60s by Chr. Buisson


In French language:
Pictures of the Brussels networks in the 60’s by the author.

Mainly in B/W, 8 pages with colour pictures. 144 pages, 16×23 cm

25 EUR P&P included for Belgium. Rest of Europe : 33,00 EUR







TRAMWAYS EN WALLONIE (Chr. Buisson) Liège–Verviers–Charleroi

In French language:
Pictures of the Walloon urban networks in the 60’s by the author, completed by some Liège views of J. Bazin,.

Mainly in B/W, 8 pages with colour pictures. 144 pages, 16×23 cm

25 EUR P&P included for Belgium. Rest of Europe : 33,00 EUR





CAROLINE ET MELANIE EN TRAM 1958-1968 (Pierre Meeuwig)

A comic book drawn by Pierre Meeuwig illustrating tramways in Belgium from 1958 to 1968, with wanderings trough time and space.
The book is completed by an interview of the author by Olivier Geerinck.

108 pages, A4 siza, in B/W and colour

25 EUR P&P included for Belgium. Rest of Europe : 33,00 EUR





Payments on the account BE41 0001 3319 1710 of Tramania asbl , with an appropriate description







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BOOK: Les tramways belges en Russie

In stock

21 EUR post included (Belgique)  29 EUR post included (rest of Europe)
you can pay on the account TRAMANIA asbl, BE41 0001 3319 1710  with message “Livre Russie”

Luxury cardboard cover, 84 pages of text and pictures, more than 120 colour pictures !

Click here for an extract of the book






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