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29/8/2022: International tram agenda

International tram agenda




















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Book “Belgium trams in Egypt”

Book trams Egypt tramways Cairo Alexandria Heliopolis Fayum

Les tramways belges en Egypte (1894-1960) par R. Dussart-Desart (in French)

On-line order

This book describes the detailed history of the tramways of Cairo, Heliopolis, Alexandria, Port Saïd and of the light railways in the Lower Egypt and Fayoum areas.

All those networks were financed or equipped by Belgians in the 1864-1960 period, the last of them being nationalized in 1960.

Several pages also illustrate the networks of Cairo, Heliopolis and Alexandria in the sixties, the seventies and in 1980 and in 1992. Two pages are devoted to Belgian tramways preserved today in Cairo and Heliopolis. The book analyses the various joint ventures between those undertakings (ranging from rolling stock overhaul to exchange of “spies”) and the history of their subsidiary companies active in the fields of the generation of electricity and of the production of rolling stock.

Pictures and details of the book

Historical elements (in French)

This study is based on an in-depth survey of the archives of the operators, several trips on-site and thirty years of exchanges with witnesses of the development of those networks. Beyond an historical approach describing the harsh realities of another era, the author tries to add a touch of humor and of humanity. The life of the people who built and operated those tramways, whether Egyptians or expatriates, is dealt with too.

172 pages A4 on glossy paper 115 g/m², hardcover, 296 illustrations including 231 photos, postcards and artefacts, 33 tickets, 16 network maps, 7 paintings by P. Meeuwig, 6 shares, 3 technical drawings.

Edited by Tramania asbl.

Price : 39 EUR (incl. shipment to Belgium). If shipped to Europe : 48 EUR

Out of the press by September 5th, for the opening of the exhibition « Made in Belgium » at the Ecomusée de Bois-du-Luc (Belgium). From September 5th until December 4th.

Click here for practical details about this exhibition








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Models exhibition

TRAMANIA has held in Ostend a stand at the MSKK models exhibition.

The perfect opportunity for new contacts and a couple of models sales that will contribute to the restoration of SNCV trailer A.1584

Photo 53169 Ostende. Exposition MSKK. Stand TRAMANIA. Date 22-9-2018

Photo 53170 Ostende. Exposition MSKK. Stand TRAMANIA. Date 22-9-2018

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14/2/2017 Book: “Les tramways de Tientsin” – in stock !

Tramania collaborates with the exhibition “Chine – Belgique, 120 ans d’histoire partagée”. It will take place at:
– Brussels from April 4th until 22nd, from 8:00 until 18:00. Closed by April, 9th, 16th, 17th.
Place: University ULB, Foyer culturel, Campus du Solbosch (bâtiment F1), avenue Paul Héger 22-24, 1050 Bruxelles.
– Tianjin (Tientsin) (at a later date).

At this occasion, Tramania publishes a book about the trams of Tientsin:
68 pages in colour, more than 90 illustrations, maps of the city, the tram network, tracks and depots.

The book describes in detail a fantastic human adventure with a background of hard events in China during the first half of the 20th century.

A choice has been made between private collections and archives from the Belgian tram company of Tientsin, kept by the National Archives AGR, most of them have never been published.

Clic here for an extract of the book

The book is available and ready for shipment. (available in French only)
16 EUR (Belgium – P&P included)
20 EUR (rest of Europe – P&P included)
22 EUR (China and rest of world – P&P included)
this amount can be paid on the account of TRAMANIA asbl (no checks):
IBAN  BE41 0001 3319 1710














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26/3/2017: Exhibition China-Belgium

The book “Les tramways de Tientsin” is now available through this site.

TRAMANIA takes part to the exhibition “Chine – Belgique, 120 ans d’histoire partagée” with a section about the “tramways in Tientsin”

Dates: from April 4th until 22nd. Closed : April 9th, 16th, 17th.
Opening times: Monday-Saturday, from 8:00 until 18:00.

Place: Brussels University ULB, Foyer culturel, Campus du Solbosch (bâtiment F1), avenue Paul Héger 22-24, 1050 Bruxelles.
Public transport: STIB tramways 25 and 94, bus 71 and 72
Location and transport map

Exhibition Chine Belgique expo – all details

An organisation of ULB Culture.
Département des services à la communauté universitaire
02 650 65 80 –












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13/1/2017 : Update of our pictures site

The pictures site of TRAMANIA is reviewed and updated :

– 9,732 pictures on line
– easier search
– complete list of search criteria
– lower prices : automatic discounts from 10, 20 et 50 pictures
– trilingual French, Dutch, English (nearly everywhere, still to complete)

Galleries content :
Austria : tramways from Vienna and Linz 80’s,
Belgium : tramways, trolleybusses and buses of SNCV, STIB, STIL, STIV, MIVA, MIVG, SNCB, Nord Belge, Prince Henri, Industrials from 1935 until now,
China : tramways, steam and trolleybus from Beijing, Tientsin, Dairen, Anshan, Shenyang, Harbin, Shanghai, Canton and Hong Kong in 1984,
France : CFEN Valenciennes, Lille, Nice Digne, Laon, Cauterets in the 60’s and 70’s,
Egypt : Cairo 1982,
Luxemburg : tramways 1966,
Paraguay : STIB motor cars in the 80’s,
Portugal : Lisbon and Coimbra in the 70’s,
Yugoslavia : Zagreb.

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24/7/2015: Sales of SNCV signals and books

The family of Jean-Marie Carels (+) has asked TRAMANIA to sell ex SNCV signalling equipment and numerous tram/rail books.

Have a look here at the complete list of items or look at the “Signals and books Carels” section of this site.


  1. Light railways, vicinal, tramways and trolleybus (Belgium)
  2. Normal gauge railways (Belgium)
  3. Light railways and tramways (France)
  4. Magazines (in French)
  5. Books (in German)
  6. Swiss (light) Railways (CFF and others)
  7. French (light) Railways (SNCF and others)
  8. Technical books
  9. Various (other railways books, also in English)
  10. DVD – France // Switzerland // Various
  11. Timetables SNCB NMBS and/or SNCV NMVB
















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22/10/2014: TRAMANIA preserves a narrow gauge engine

A small Moes BL belonging to Jean-Marie Carels (+) has been preserved by TRAMANIA. This 60cm engine has been transferred by 21/10/2014 to the Liège Transport Museum.

It will get a new layer of paint and will be exhibited in the workshop of the Museum. In perfect running order, it has brand new wheels.

It will be used from time to time on the parking of the Museum. Many spare parts have been saved, as well as original documents, catalogues, etc. Various items have been also saved: light tracks, re-railing plates, couplings, etc

These items are added to the TRAMANIA collection: a Moes engine is exhibited at the Museum of Thuin. 500 meters of track, points, a dozen of wagons are in storage.

Click here for a pictures album.










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28/6/2014: Extension of the TTA tourist line to Lamorménil

Dear all,

By June 28th, the TTA tourist line held its annual general meeting. A bus tour was arranged in order to visit the tramway line extension works to Lamorménil.

The SNCV meter gauge line between Melreux and Manhay is disused since 1959. Since 1966, tourist trams are run between  Erezée, Forge et Dochamps. One of the oldest tourist line of Europe !!!!

The section Forge-Dochamps was closed 6 years ago, due to track issues. The section Dochamps-Lamorménil was abandoned since 1959. Thanks of an Walloon/EEC subsidy (843.000 Euros   !!), the principle of a total reconstruction of Forge-Dochamps-Lamorménil was gained 6 years ago.

The section Dochamps-Lamorménil is spectacular, with large panoramic towards the top of Lamorménil.

This re-construction is 6 kilometres long, and should be ready by end September 2014. Public service will be launched in 2015.

The subsidy project description was written by TRAMANIA, to the benefit of TTA. This project was successfully pushed by the previous TTA President,  Jean-Géry Godeaux. The project implementation has been managed by the new TTA Board, led by Claude Fiévez.

Clic for pictures of the works

Salutations, P. Dussart-Desart










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