1.      To promote, to finance or to realize the restoration, the shelter and the exhibition, in operational state, of cars produced by the Belgian industry or used by transport companies having their headquarters established in Belgium, for historic reasons;.

2.      To organize, to administer and to develop a vicinal tramway museum and/or devoted to industrial narrow gauge railways in Belgium, and to run one or many rail lines;

3.      To preserve any useful rolling stock useful or necessary to run this/these rail lines and this museum;

4.      To rent or acquire tracks, buildings, real estate necessary to run the required facilities and rolling stock required for public usage, maintenance, without any limit;

5.      To proceed to any extension, be facilities, be rolling stock, as judged useful or necessary for pursuing its objectives;

6.      By its action, to promote the cultural and tourist resources of the surroundings;

7.      To gather photographic documentation and any useful collection item related to the history, the administration or the technique of vicinal tramways and industrial railways in Belgium;

8.      To group in its body any person interested in pursuing the above mentioned objectives;

9.      To help other preservation groups or individuals supporting similar activities, as mentioned under points 1 to 8.











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